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Credo inspiration
24 August, 2008, 3:41 pm
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I thought the Crumpler catalogue would be of interest in relation to the Credo project, particularly in terms of the way it is packaged.

It was designed by Tin & Ed.

Below are some (not very good) photos of how it all works.


This is revolve
24 August, 2008, 2:40 pm
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I’ve had a little time to rethink and develop my Credo document.

Working from my initial notes and thoughts, I have developed a concept that I feel will be able to carry my ideas.

It is entitled ‘Revolve’.

Here is some writing, which might form the intro:

Design is a process.
A circular one.
Involve, evolve, resolve.

Design always has a feeling of coming full circle.
Design that is a resolution.
Design that is a revolution.

The evolution of a designer is ongoing;
it is a journey without an end.
We will continue to revolve and evolve forever.
It is inevitable.
We cannot help it.

Design is an urge than cannot be ignored.
It revolves in the mind,
even when it should mind its own business.

As we revolve, so too does the world.
Developing inspirations, muses and tools –
ripe for the taking.

But what will you do with them?

Plan – book – ‘R(evolve)’

Introduction (as above)
Involve (deals with the idea of immersing oneself in a job, researching, understanding and knowing it inside-out, also deals with the idea of involving oneself in design and in life)
Evolve (expanding, developing, thinking and conceptualising in terms of both design work and designer)
Resolve (finished products of design (ie: this bit is the folio), these act as evidence of some sort of design resolution within the designer, however, as mentioned earlier, there is no resolution to a designer as a person, it is ongoing).

Resumé and the like would form an appendix.

Plan – DVD – ‘Revolve’

I envision the book as having some pages which visually reference the revolve theme. I see these as very simple black and white pages, reinforcing the notion with quotes, or short snippets of text. I see these as becoming quite interesting animations. The animation may be accompanied my music, it may also become a showreel, rather than simply an interesting animation.

Plan – CD – ‘Resolve’

PDF of ‘folio’ and resumé

Computer dictionary
21 August, 2008, 8:13 pm
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I was sitting on the sofa writing notes with an open dictionary, but when I needed to know how to spell something* (no, I’m not too proud to admit there are words I don’t quite know how to spell), I yelled at my brother to Google it for me. At least I still talk to my brother…

As for my Credo project, I think I have named it! It will be called (r)evolve, and will document my evolution as a designer, the evolution of design as I see it, and the evolution of techology in my work. It will also look at the notion of revolving, in that, I feel that technology and design are both somewhat circular, things keep coming back around, and having new relevance.

I feel this theme brings together the ideas I had previously into something I can visualise.

* The word was acquaintance.

17 August, 2008, 12:53 pm
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NEW is the NEW NEW
NEW is the NEW OLD
NEW is the OLD NEW
NEW is the OLD OLD
OLD is the NEW NEW
OLD is the NEW OLD
OLD is the OLD NEW
OLD is the OLD OLD

I’m thinking that some of this might form the basis for my Credo document, as well as a regression/progression idea in relation to technology.

16 August, 2008, 3:54 pm
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I was looking for some design quotes and stumbled across Bruce Mau’s ‘Incomplete Manifesto’.

I found it an interesting set of rules and beliefs that hint at his personality. I thought it would be useful in the completion of the Credo project as it seems to me to be almost exactly what we are doing, just expressed a little differently.

I also found his website, particularly the images section to be interesting and inspiring.

I have updated my About page, and intend to use it as the place to express who I am, particularly with reference to this Credo project.

Technology & me
15 August, 2008, 3:45 pm
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I love technology. A lot of my time is spent using ‘modern technology’ including my laptop, iPod, mobile phone, digital camera, etc. However, I also have a love of not-so-modern technology. I adore my polaroid camera and typewriter. I love our record player, and the way the speakers sound so good without a subwoofer.

My design work is much the same. I love computers and the way I can design with them – computers are what first drew me towards design. But I also love the experimentation and organic nature of using your hands, or older technologies which aren’t quite so perfect.

For me, design is a mesh of these things. My focus directly on technology, though spurred by the coursework, is a true reflection of both my personality and work. This will form the basis of my ‘Credo’ document.

My aim is to express my personality through the use of my work, words and photography, showing my love affair with technology and the way I make use of it. I see it as being a ‘meet in the middle’ type publication, where new and old come together.

The idea will form, reform, adapt and change as more thoughts pop into my head.

See the below notes for further details.

As an aside – technology also frustrates the hell out of me. I have been without internet on my laptop for over a week now, and it has literally driven me insane. Think back to when it would have been normal to do without (or never even have it), and it would have been no impediment to going on with my daily life …