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Nadia Hisheh

… believes design is not simply a job, it is an intrinsic part of life

… has always been a designer, having been exposed to the workings of the industry over a lifetime, growing up in a design business run from home

… has excellent communication skills, taking pride in building and maintaining relationships with clients, employers and co-workers

… designs in a way that is conceptual and highly creative in approach, but also research-driven and strategy-based

… enjoys focusing on clients’ needs and expectations (and exceeding them) … has an outstanding design problem and solution approach, is highly perceptive and possesses an acute eye for detail.

This blog is no longer active. Please visit for current information.


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Great stuff Nadia, this has helped me consolidate some of my thinking in regards to this brief (and beyond).

Comment by Frits

Hey Frits, thanks for the comment. I’m glad I’m helping someone. Makes me feel like I might be on the right track.
I was actually very interested by your blog, in that I strongly related to some of the sentiments, like finding an affinity with ‘old’ technologies, however, not completely relating to the idea of not loving new things as equally.
Very interesting stuff, made me think!!!

Comment by nadia5307163

Thanks Nadia, likewise!
I probably need to revise my writing.. I think I was focussing too much on my disliking on new technologies, and not enough on the fact that I’m indifferent to new or old technologies in terms of serving a purpose; if an old technology serves as much purpose as a new one, and vice verse, then it’s all good..

Comment by Frits

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