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Where to from here?

Where to from here? It’s hard to say… there are so many interesting avenues one could walk down, but it all comes down to this choice here and now. It’s kind of like a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment.

Anyway, Alex and I have established our group blog False Truths. We will be looking at the use and manipulation of language by politicians, the media and other ‘authority figures’ with power and influence over individuals and society.

We aim to show the truth in language by exposing it for what it really is, be that good or bad. People should be able to judge what is true based upon the best information possible (one cannot say ‘based on the truth’, because ‘truth’ is so subjective), not on the surrounding spin – it is only then they will know what they really think. We aim to empower people with the tools to see through this blurry haze created by deceitful language.

Please go and check out our blog – feel free to make comments, and feedback or help would be much appreciated!


After the literature review

Following the hand-in and presentation of our literature review, Alex and I have chosen our direction. We still have much to settle, but here is where we are going with it:


The central theme of our research will be truth in relation to language. It will encompass the sub-themes of spin, public knowledge and awareness, manipulation, what society and individuals will believe, social values, public trust and censorship of truth. We are beginning to put together ideas for outcomes that will achieve our goals (as outlined in the image above), but we will keep plugging away at the research for the moment (next couple of days) so that we have a fuller understanding of our topic.

A spirit of play
21 March, 2008, 3:34 pm
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I was looking up some of the favourite books from the ABC to determine which people I wanted to do portraits of. I came across Kate, who mentioned David Malouf’s ‘A Spirit of Play’ (one of the ABC’s Boyer Lectures). His vision for an “Australian consciousness” interested me (as it did Kate). I thought it might be of some use to the groups looking at the Australian Ethos (possibly my group!).

Click here for a transcript.

My name is Nadia.

If you know me already, you will know that I am political, outspoken and pernickety. If you don’t, I will tell you that I am eloquent, intellectual and forward-thinking.

I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

I am interested in everything, because the world is fascinating. I draw inspiration from the seemingly commonplace. I believe that as a designer it is one’s job to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and the normal into the abnormal. Nothing is unremarkable in my eyes.

The idea of communication has always interested me – I relish the opportunity to tell stories through visual, verbal and written communication. For me, design is a creative outlet and a mode of expression.

My particular passions are design and art, good spelling and grammar, pop culture, and anyone who will converse with me on these subjects.

I can be found with my head in the sky or in a book, but never under a rock.

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