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This page will acknowledge any images that are not my own. Any other images that appear on this blog are entirely my own. Any quotes (written) will be acknowledged in the individual posts or pages in which they are quoted.

Lecture visualisation 1

Sustainability collage

  • With thanks to Ryan for being such a wonderful model

Lecture visualisation 2

Green fashion statement

Lecture visualisation 3

  • With thanks to Daniel for being an amazing hand model and giving me meat – what a great gift idea!

Lecture visualisation 4

What would Kevin do?

  • With thanks to mum for being a brilliant hand model and for buying me the coke!

Spot the difference 2

Liz Benson - Shantaram - India table

Liz Benson - Shantaram - Environment table

  • Image of low energy lightbulb from
  • All other imagery is my own


Political posters

Adbusters Media Empowerment Kit

Media networks

Lecture visualisation 7


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