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1 October, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I was bored and frustrated with all my work, so I got to thinking about the future of this credo project, given that I might be out with folio in hand shortly after this course is completed. For a project, which at first, I must admit I was not at all fond of, I have grown to love it, and am contemplating making it a part of my eventual folio. As I was sitting on the train, ideas popped into my head, and I designed this (the actual execution, of course, was not completed on the train).

I don’t really see this as a part of the current project, but more an evolution (sorry about the pun). It’s a hint, perhaps of what might come next, or maybe it is simply a slightly more fruitful way of procrastinating. Only time will tell! Just thought I would share it.

That process journal I keep promising will be up shortly.

This is revolve
24 August, 2008, 2:40 pm
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I’ve had a little time to rethink and develop my Credo document.

Working from my initial notes and thoughts, I have developed a concept that I feel will be able to carry my ideas.

It is entitled ‘Revolve’.

Here is some writing, which might form the intro:

Design is a process.
A circular one.
Involve, evolve, resolve.

Design always has a feeling of coming full circle.
Design that is a resolution.
Design that is a revolution.

The evolution of a designer is ongoing;
it is a journey without an end.
We will continue to revolve and evolve forever.
It is inevitable.
We cannot help it.

Design is an urge than cannot be ignored.
It revolves in the mind,
even when it should mind its own business.

As we revolve, so too does the world.
Developing inspirations, muses and tools –
ripe for the taking.

But what will you do with them?

Plan – book – ‘R(evolve)’

Introduction (as above)
Involve (deals with the idea of immersing oneself in a job, researching, understanding and knowing it inside-out, also deals with the idea of involving oneself in design and in life)
Evolve (expanding, developing, thinking and conceptualising in terms of both design work and designer)
Resolve (finished products of design (ie: this bit is the folio), these act as evidence of some sort of design resolution within the designer, however, as mentioned earlier, there is no resolution to a designer as a person, it is ongoing).

Resumé and the like would form an appendix.

Plan – DVD – ‘Revolve’

I envision the book as having some pages which visually reference the revolve theme. I see these as very simple black and white pages, reinforcing the notion with quotes, or short snippets of text. I see these as becoming quite interesting animations. The animation may be accompanied my music, it may also become a showreel, rather than simply an interesting animation.

Plan – CD – ‘Resolve’

PDF of ‘folio’ and resumé